Poetry/Spoken Word

One smile at a time.

Can we change the world one smile at a time?
A smile can overcome the darkest of days, 
with the strength of ten armies brave.

A smile can put away hatred and anger,
with the subtlety of dimples
and polite conversation.

That is to say, a smile 
may linger-
for a little while longer.

So, we have all reason to be thankful of,
lessons learned from past hurts that have become
embroidered onto the fabric of our hearts.

Yet, it also serves
as a long-time reminder to let go
of each and every care that we wear.

Our vulnerability becomes our strength.
As, the battle cries of liberty
arise in perfect symmetry.

Yet, can we change 
the world, one smile
at a time?

– A. Brown
Copyright © 2019 A. Brown. All rights reserved.


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