Beyond The Four Walls Initiative

The ‘Beyond the Four Walls Initiative’ is a program that was first launched in 2021, through PoetryHost.

Through this initiative, our primary objective is to help feed and clothe communities, both locally and internationally.

As PoetryHost (Ltd) is a limited company, a majority of the work that we are able to do, is made possible through the sale of our products and services. We are committed to investing a portion of our profits into achieving our primary objective for this initiative.

So, by purchasing our products and services; together, we are able to invest even more into helping to feed and clothe communities, both locally and internationally.

As part of the ‘Beyond the Four Walls Initiative’, PoetryHost has also partnered with two organisations:

1. Smethwick CAN (Church Action Network).

The Smethwick Church Action Network is a part of a national network of foodbanks, within the UK. Supported by the Trussell Trust, they work collectively to combat poverty and hunger across the UK.

Through this organisation, PoetryHost is committed to providing quarterly food donations to Smethwick CAN. These donations will help to ensure that those who are in immediate need within our local community receive quality and nutritionally-balanced emergency food parcels; containing up to three days’ worth of food supply.

2. Hands of Hope Outreach Ministry.

The Hands of Hope Outreach Ministry is the missions’ arm of the God’s Mighty Men Network (GMMN). This is a Christian Ministry, based in Nigeria, Africa, committed faithfully to sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The GMMN, also work alongside other certified Christian Ministries in special outreaches to help feed and clothe Orphans and Widows within their communities.

PoetryHost is also an official Ministry Partner for the Hands of Hope Outreach Ministry, in helping to sponsor their outreach projects.