Featured Poet – Naomi O’Shea

Author & Poet: Naomi O’Shea

My Saviour, My Friend.

Jesus is my Saviour,
Jesus is my Friend,
Jesus is The One,
In whom I can depend.

When things seems so worrying, when things seems so hard
To whom, I know where to turn – The One who is in charge!
These times can be challenging, yet, these times can be tough!
But, in Jesus alone, will I put my trust.

This road can seem so long and bleak,
Jesus – it is you, that I seek.
As long as I hold onto you – you’re at the centre of everything,
Nothing is impossible, when I place my trust in HIM.

My Lord will always show His protection,
through His great love and divine affection.

Naomi O’Shea

About Naomi O’Shea

Naomi O’Shea, is a Christian Author and Poet; whose, divinely inspired work spans across a collection of poems and also a Children’s Book Series. Drawing upon her experiences from singleness, her work aims to be a great source of encouragement for her audience.

Attributing her success to God, Naomi’s poetry amplifies, the message of having a persevering faith, in order to overcome even the toughest struggles in our lives.

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