Featured Poet – Lori Cunningham (Enola Ton)

Author & Poet: Lori Cunningham (Enola Ton)

‘Die and Grow’

life emerges
wrought with pain
though our stories
are unique
we hurt much the same

tragedy strikes all
a reality
quite plain
we enter this world
riddled with stain

choices bombard us
perspectives fluctuate
with lessons of old

we look and listen
what we’re told
and then assimilate
values we uphold

disappointment and loss
can knock
us low
but also teach us
we are stronger than we know

if we can still offer love
while we die
and grow
beauty from our ashes
into the world will flow

as unquenchable light
in the world is sown
us all
we cannot grow alone

Enola Ton

About Lori Cunningham (Enola Ton)

Lori Cunningham (Pen name: Enola Ton) currently lives in Florida with her husband and best friend, John. They have three grown children and seven grandchildren. For close to twenty years, Lori and John served as houseparents and mentors for teens at a youth ranch in Arkansas.

Lori’s experiences of suffering through childhood abuse and overcoming the mess left in its wake, has given her a unique perspective and approach to helping others through the healing process. She has written and facilitated retreats focusing on the effects of childhood abuse carried over into adulthood and how to navigate these land mines through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Her book “The Pain of Reality and The Reality of Pain” is a reflective approach Lori utilizes in her own healing process. Many others have found hope and healing through her work. Her book is a powerful reminder; you are not alone!

Link to book:  The Pain of Reality and The Reality of Pain 

For more information,
Contact Lori via:
Twitter (@enolatonlori)


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