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Author: Jamie Trunnel

Stacking Stones
By Jamie Trunnel

Wandering souls sometimes stack stones.
Marks of patience,
And time free from phones.

Expressing their bliss
With careful luck.
Escaping from problems,
Or calamities which have struck.

What if each placed rock
Represented a problem someone had?
And, the stacking process made him feel…
Not so bad.

Standing back and taking a look
Put things in perspective;
Told him he had what it took.

Life could be organized
And balanced as such.
See all these other souls
Who thought just as much?

We all have problems.
We all struggle.
If we saw others’ towers,
Maybe ours would not crumble.

Standing vulnerably tall
With our problems on display,
Maybe we could all find
And a little less judgement along the way.

Photography and Poetry Copyright © 2017 Jamie Trunnel. All rights reserved.

About this poem

The beauty of Lake Michigan’s Cave Point County Park in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin (Door County) inspired Jamie to write Stacking Stones. This poem and full colour photo, along with many others, are found in her book Simple Wishes available on Amazon.

Additional photos of Cave Point County Park are also featured in Jamie’s blog post: Encourage and Build Each Other Up.

About Jamie Trunnel

Jamie Trunnel writes regularly about finding faith on her blog called A Scriptured Life. She is the author of three poetry books inspired by gratitude for God’s blessings — Gift4Today: Poetry Out of the Ordinary, A Cup of Tea and Simple Wishes. She and her husband live in the heartland of Iowa, and they have two grown children. Her writing is fuelled by walks in the woods, mugs of green tea, and “possibly” too much dark chocolate.

For more information,
Contact Jamie via:
Instagram: @ascripturedlife
Instagram: @gift4today


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