Writer & Poet: Hadassah

Not designed to worry.

No, I am not designed to worry
I am to live with endless joy.
I am designed for sacred rest,
for confidence and holiness.

My thoughts are to be still and pure,
no anxious turmoil, no buzzing flies,
no stormy clouds, no severe winds
but crystal-clear skies, in peace.

My mind is anchored to the truth,
my heart – enfolded it’s in love.
No, I am not designed to worry,
my home, my destiny is joy.

by Hadassah

About Hadassah

Hadassah is the pen name of Anna Putz, who is: a writer working on her spiritual memoir, a marketing and communications specialist, a blogger and a bilingual poet (English and Bulgarian).

The aim of her blog, (https://onthewaybg.com/) is to encourage readers to keep moving in the journey of faith and to walk deeper with God.

She loves diving deeper in the Word of God and enjoys: reading, travelling and spending time with her family and friends.

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