Author & Poet: Estela Canama


Before the day you were born
God most delighted on you
in your mother’s womb;
God unconditionally loves you.
Even your tiniest bone; He can fathom.
You are God’s unique, special creation
He moulded you, my friend
like a potter shapes the clay.
Thank God, for He created you for a reason.
Don’t crave for things you didn’t own.
God has given us respective tasks.
Whatever gifts and talents you have;
share it with passion, and much gladness.
Always be grateful of being you,
because in this world we dwell in
no one is a complete replica of you!

Estela Canama

About Estela Canama

Estela Canama is a freelance poet and writer from the Philippines.
Her work has appeared in websites including Poetry Soup and Family Friend Poems. She also co-authored the book entitled: Beseeching Grace: An International Prayer Collection edited by Kim Bond. She has been reviewing poems and quotes at Family Friend Poems since 2016. She loves writing different types of poetry, quotes, prayers and inspirational articles. One of her pastimes are gardening and reading inspirational books.  

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