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Writer & Poet: Addie Pottz

As You Breathe Life

As I look out from the shoreline
I find Him there
Waiting patiently

Calling my heart
Which He loves

My soul hears
Before this
His creation

I am always
Wherever I be
Waking anew

Taking in
A breaking blue

Here now
My bare face
My naked feet
Are washed over

How welcome am I
By the tide’s ripples

Beloved am I
Beloved are You
Faithful steady greater
Lord this be true

Walk closely
Spirit within me
I’ll stay forever near

Your lead

I inhale
As You

by Addie Pottz

About Addie Pottz

Addie Pottz is the pen name of Stephanie Burdeshaw, who has a BA in English and a minor in sociology from Portland State University. A lifelong reader with a background in Sales, she is currently composing poetry and short stories for a collection focusing on faith, family roots, and memory. In her spare time you’ll find her on nature walks with her dogs and, on rainy days, enjoying works of fiction with a cup of green tea.

For more information, contact Addie Pottz via:
Email: addiepottz@gmail.com


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