Mother and Child


This piece can be printed and framed, providing a wonderful single line art display.

Available for personal use only, thus it cannot be re-sold.

The high resolution files included are JPG and PNG formats respectively.

Frame not included.



Terms & Conditions
– All sales are final, so we are unable to offer a monetary refund.
– However; we are able to provide a coupon of credit, at our discretion, totalling to the exact value, should there be a just cause, for requesting a refund.
– All coupons (including coupons of credit) will expire within 30 days of issue.
– Each coupon of credit, can be used as a full payment upon your next purchase, if it meets the complete value of the item.
– Or alternatively, you may use a coupon of credit as part-payment towards a larger purchase.

Our recommendations
– Each line drawing, is produced at a large size to help preserve its quality upon printing.
– This means that each line drawing can be printed to most sizes without distortion.
– Each line drawing is readily available as a high resolution JPG and PNG file.
– Upon its purchase, each line drawing can also be resized at your convenience; whilst, still retaining its detail.
– For printing, we would recommend printing onto a matte paper (minimum 110-140gsm), for best results.

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