Until the clouds clear.

I watch the raindrops,
dancing alongside
my bedroom window,
and I think about how,
Noah and his family
must have felt.

I look to the sky.
The rain’s rhythm,
changes, and all
I hear is the applause,
of a thousand ages.

Thunder sings bass,
whilst; the wind,
stands in
as the alto.

The sound of my
neighbours’ fallen fence,
becomes percussion,
to my ears.

I often reminisce about,
a summers’ day.
A blue skies, cool breeze,
no worries,
kind of summers’ day.
But, I’m reminded
that the sky is still grey.

I think about how,
I have no control
over the weather.
Or, how my plans,
are now like fragile
pieces of paper.

Ripped up and scattered,
like it never even mattered.
My soul begins to testify,
to how powerful My God is!

I’m pretty much
until the sun
comes out.

But, at least I’m still here,
in good spirits
and of good cheer,
until the clouds clear.

– A. Brown

Copyright © 2019 A. Brown. All rights reserved.

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