Two of a kind…

To look through
pieces of broken,
stained glass
is to understand
the beauty of our imperfections.

Love is home
to where peace and joy can roam.
Freedom releases
what evil binds.

Surround yourself,
with those who
can teach you well.
Ignorance carries a heavy fine.

Yet, we are two of a kind.

– A. Brown

Copyright © 2019 A. Brown. All rights reserved.

6 thoughts

  1. Yes, ignorance carries a heavy fine! The Noble Peace Prize was awarded to three scientists today who have studied the reasons behind the decisions the poorest people among us make. It would appear that ignorance is often at the root of “piss-poor” decision making. It’s true: Knowledge is power. Let’s be “Two of a Kind” rubbing elbows with other bright, aware folks out there.

    1. Thank you for your comment. That’s a very interesting point, you’ve raised. 🙂
      Having accurate knowledge does truly equip us with the information, that we need to make well-informed decisions.
      It also presents us with a unique opportunity; for us to grow in areas of our lives, that we may or may not believe are ‘quite up to par’.
      But, there is always strength in unity. Indeed, this is a genuine gift from God.
      Simply put, “Iron sharpeneth iron…” – Proverbs 27:17.

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