our minds can feel

It’s like somehow
the pressures of this life
have doubled.

Every time,
I hear news about crime.
It’s like I just want to hit
life’s pause button and
then rewind.

Most people, frustrated?
All nations must hate it.
Wages stagnated,
Bills are back-dated.

Cost of living
Oh God, help us
make it.
This wasn’t what
you intended.

Your grace is,
a dwelling place,
for us to seek your
glorious face.

My life, I give to you.
Only you
can see me through.
No matter, what I try to do.

The trials that I endure,
consumed, by your
love so pure.
Your mercy alone,
leaves me humbled.

My prayer,
is for our minds to no longer
be troubled.

– A. Brown

Copyright © 2019 A. Brown. All rights reserved.

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