Many seasons ago…

Many seasons ago,
I remember walking,
just a little bit further
towards the family friend’s
apple tree.

With my hands cupped like a basket,
I walked with an expectation
to receive a harvest,
from the seed planted
many years ago.

Summer memories,
quickly fade
as the autumn leaves
began to brave
September’s humbling embrace.

A solemn still,
interrupted by
the sound of
innocent impatience.

Steadily I arrive.
The apple tree
stands alive,
with fruit upon fruit,
I could barely reach.

Two wood pigeons,
yet guarded
fly away without
a second thought.

I am still.
of the harvest
from many seasons ago…


Copyright Β© 2019 A. Brown. All rights reserved.

PoetryHost is an online platform dedicated to providing Christ-centred content through the use of poetry and spoken word. It was co-founded in 2019 by the husband and wife team Aundre and Phillippe Brown. The aim of PoetryHost is to create content which helps to bridge the gap between current generations and generations to come. We believe that God has blessed us with this platform in order to be a blessing onto others, connecting with people from all walks of life and bringing glory unto His precious name. At PoetryHost we also deliver: – Christian Poetry & Spoken Word Readings – Freelance Writing Services – Community-Based Evangelical Projects For more information, please visit:

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