Dear Grandma

I remember
three generations,
sitting together,
in the same room.

I walked in and saw,
my Mother’s Mother
for the first time.
My eyes grew wide
as I saw her smile.

Way back,
I remember when,
we’d stay up and talk,
about every and anything.
I thank God, for these memories.

She’d always make me laugh,
We’d watch Forrest Gump
and we’d repeat every funny line.
To this day,
Forrest Gump is a favourite film of mine.

I saw a branch
from the family tree.
At the age of 21,
I could finally see,
where I was coming from.

Dear Grandma,
I’ll never forget the day,
when you took your last breath.
I felt like a part of me,
checked out, and just up and left.

But, I know your soul is at rest.
I know you’re with the Lord,
enjoying every moment,
you’re eternally blessed,
living your best life.

But, I cannot lie
about the pain,
that I feel inside.
I know that one day,
we will meet again.

I imagine that you’re smiling down.
I’m all grown up,
happily married and hope,
that I can make you proud.
I wish you could see me now.

Not a day goes by,
when I don’t stop to reflect,
and look up to the sky.
Your prayers were
the reason why.

– A. Brown

Copyright © 2019 A. Brown. All rights reserved.

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