I was lost.

A rebel,
a clue
or a cause.

I was a square peg
in a round hole,
trying to be whole.

I lost myself
to impress
others by fitting in.

Insecurity is a prison,
that hands out life
sentences, as if its
life depended on it.

The fear of rejection
and being alone,
had a much deeper

I soon would
come to know,
the small,
still voice of
my Saviour.

Jesus Christ
is my
for being.

Imperfect and flawed,
I stand.
I found grace
and mercy at His Hand.

His forgiveness.

– A. Brown

Copyright © 2019 A. Brown. All rights reserved. 

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  1. Hello Cristian Mihai,
    Thanks for following my blog. I’m more of a prose person than a poetry person myself but I get the gist of this post. The end of the poem took an unexpected turn. I would respectfully disagree with A. Brown namely because I left Jesus and abandoned his concept of forgiveness specifically for reasons described earlier in A. Brown’s poem (and for other reasons, which you can read about on my blog) but I have a live and let live approach to religion. If you’ve found something that makes you happy and brings you peace and you begin/continue to respect the other people on Earth, then more power to you.

    1. Hi lifeantidotes,

      Thank you for taking the time in reading this poem.
      I also appreciate you sharing your opinions and honest thoughts towards my work.
      May God bless you.

      A. Brown

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