Standing in the rain.

Time crawls
to a resounding halt.
My life’s on hold,
it was all my fault.

I’m reminded by the salted tears
cascading down my face
in the showering rain.

My eyes lift up to God.
My bags are packed
and my mind is made up,
to make things right with God.

I have a few coins to my name,
and my debts are shouting
from inside of the envelopes
that are piled up underneath,
my living room sofa.

Yet, in my darkest hour
my God hears my cry.

“How do I start
to rebuild the pieces
of my broken heart?”

grows no less.
It becomes a difficult test.

His Hand still holds onto mine,
whilst; I’m, standing in the rain.

– A. Brown

Copyright © 2019 A. Brown. All rights reserved.

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